Process Scoping

The purpose of this task is to create Scopes to define the project process scope.

A scope is a container for solution processes / variants which should be managed collectively. During scoping you add solution processes to your scopes to define the project process scope. You should combine solution processes into the same scope if :

  • The same application system landscape is used, e.g. for sites with own tenants/systems, shared services tenants/systems.
  • The solution processes require an aligned upgrade cycle, e.g. heavily dependent tenants/systems that are upgraded as a whole.
  • Serve the same functional purpose, e.g. solution processes per site, solution processes for shared services such as finance consolidation or HR shared services.


To create your scope, go to the "Manage Scope" app:

Make sure you have selected the correct project!

Click "Create" and name the scope. Optionally you can give it a descriptions for other project members to better understand the content.


Then you need to select the "Solution Scenarios" you would like to include in your scope. This selection will make the selection of the individual processes (scope items) easier, which will be done in a next step.

Just use the selection button, your selection can be changed later if required.

SAP Cloud ALM offers a central platform to access all kind of business process content provided by SAP and partners. In addition, customers can create their own process structures.

The business process content is always the foundation since it defines and organizes the relation between project tasks and related business areas. Based on the business process content, all activities can be supported by SAP Cloud ALM such as definition of requirements, planning of project tasks, documentation of the adjustments made, testing and release from development to the production system including a constant monitoring of the progress.

The following process content packages are available currently. To check which SAP solutions are available from a business content perspective please check the content availability overview.

After selecting the solution scenarios, we can now select the individual processes that are in scope. 


Alternatively, it is also possible to change open the diagram and from there remove the process from the scope.