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Process Documentation

You can document your processes in context of your project by creating notes through the Processes or directly in the Notes app. However, the relation between processes and notes will not be established if the note is created directly in the note app.

Notes are similar to a general memo.

With the Notes app, you can browse all notes that have been created in the context of your project. In detail, the following options are available to you.

  • Filter and search for notes

  • Create notes within the app

  • Group and sort notes

Depending on your project role, you have different options to manage notes.


  • You can create notes either in the Processes or Notes app. Please note that if you create a note within the Notes app, then the note doesn't have a relation to the Processes app.

  • You can navigate right to the Solution Variant for which the note was created by selecting the Solution Variant name.

  • View details, edit, and delete. You can click on a note to see its details and to edit it. Unsaved changes are displayed with an asterisk in front of the title. Additionally, you can delete a note.

  • You can export and download all columns and rows of the notes list to a spreadsheet. Additionally, you can select several notes using the checkbox in the notes list. This selection can also be downloaded to a spreadsheet.

    You can also download a filtered list that is created either by using the filter or search option in this app.

    Please note that without filtering the notes list, the memory capacity of the application might be exceeded. Please check the filter settings before you export to spreadsheet.

  • Sort and group your notes in ascending or descending order. You can sort by TitleBusiness Process, or Scope.