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Integrated Analytics in SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation offers multiple options to cover diverse monitoring and reporting needs of different roles and team members. The integrated analytics functionality arches over project management, task management, process management, change and deploy management and test management applications. Each application sends change events to the Analytical framework which processes those events and turns into meaningful information and insights in form of dashboards and reports

The overview page provides a high-level overview of progress in different areas. It acts like a health check monitor for project and at the same time it provides connectivity to other applications for a faster drill down. Each card on overview page represent a specific topic and displays set of relevant information.


Analytics Overview is a container for detailed analytical standalone pages which help you with a deeper drill down into complex details. Here you will find ready to use progress reports, historical charts, and traceability matrices. 

You can personalize the overview page to your role based needs and save many variants of it. By personalizing the analytics page, you can focus on items that are important to your role and monitor activities that matter to you.


Through ‘Manage Card’ option you can pick your favorite cards and bundle together to build a personalized variant of overview page. 



With the ‘Adapt Filter' option you can select which filters you want display on the overview page for example Timebox, Task Type and Teams are not displayed by default. 

You can then filter card data to your preferences selected in these filters, for example set a project, scope you are currently working on.

Filter preferences can also be selected in the individual cards. For example set a filter for tasks by types in the tasks card. 

All your selected preferences can now be saved a personalizes view. 


You can save this view with your preferred name and manage your views for example delete or set default from the manage icon.


Note: the views created by you are only visible to you and not any other team members.