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Custom Process Modeling

A solution process / variant is a concrete and self-contained implementation supporting a business process.

You can create new custom solution process and assign them to business processes (process variants) that exist, or you can create new related business processes (process variants).


Business processes (process variants) that have no solution variants assigned and are not being used can be removed by the user.

If you want to understand the taxonomy behind the SAP content visit: SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology taxonomy

The solution value flow depicts the functional scope delivered by the solution process / variant. It is constructed from (sub) business processes and business activities.

Business activities can be re-used and should be formulated in business user language. It serves as a visual description of the solution variant.



After the user hits the Edit button, they can use the palette to drag and drop business process and business activity shapes onto the diagram.

A Solution Process Flow can also be modeled using the BPMN notation. Select the tab next to the Solution Value Flow. Make sure you save the Diagram before switching. 

The BPMN Modeling capabilities allow to create the most known elements within a diagram. Process Activities can be re-used. All other elements only represent modeling objects, they cannot be re-used.


The diagram can be saved and worked at later.

Process authoring comes with a simple versioning best practice. Solution variants can exist in three possible states:

  • Draft – In progress and not yet activated. Cannot be used in projects.
  • Active – Can be scoped and used.
  • Draft and Active – An "In progress" and "active" version exist at the same time. While an activated version can already be scoped into a project, the draft version in still in process.

When the user activates the draft version, the draft updates the existing active version.

When custom process diagrams are set to "Active" they can be added to any scope. Then requirements and test cases can be added to the processes.