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Agile Support

You can click on the Timebox page to edit the timelines. Here you can create Sprints for your project. We recommend to create sprints without overlapping dates. The system automatically creates 3 milestones for you. You can add the dates and also create new milestones.

User stories can be created in SAP Cloud ALM:

  • The user stories can have story points
  • The user stories should be kept small so that they can be finished within a sprint
  • You can optionally break a user story into sub-tasks.

Creating Sub-tasks:

Sub.tasks can be created from user stories to provide more detail.

  • The sub-tasks inherit the timebox and deliverable of the user story but do not allow editing for these attributes
  • Sub-tasks allow parallel work as each sub-task can be assigned to a different person
  • We recommend to use story points for your user stories for relative sizing.
  • The story points can be assigned using a modified Fibonacci range- 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100

You do not need to close the sprints. The sprints automatically show as, "past" when the calendar date is passed.

In the overview tile, you can go to analytics section to view the project progress reports and track the task status and task trends.  

  • Project Progress Reporting: View summarized reports about project progress by phases or sprints in terms of completed and remaining tasks
  • Task Distribution: Monitor status of tasks assigned to different scopes or teams
  • Task Trend Analysis: Monitor the task trends based on status over a period of time
  • Burn Up Chart: Monitor the trends of tasks based on story points over a period of time