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Process Management

This page offers an overview of all Process management capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM. The section “Best Practices” gives guidance on how these functionalities should be used as part of a project and lists important blogs and videos on this topic.

Process management in SAP Cloud ALM helps you manage your process scope of your project. It offers rich business content coming from SAP Best Practices including Process Diagrams, Test Cases, Process Assets, and CIAS workflows



Customer can select Processes as part of their Project Scope from SAP Content, and adjust SAP Processes or Model their own business processes in SAP Cloud ALM.  

Process diagrams can be used during Fit-To-Standard workshops to visualize the process flow and identify gaps that needs to be closed during the project. 

For basic “How-To” instructions on how to use the tool, you should refer to the in-app help within SAP Cloud ALM or visit -> Help Portal (link)

Functions & Features

Manage Scopes

Manage Scopes  In the Manage Scopes app you can define your scopes and perform high level scoping
FunctionsFeaturesFeatures Description
 Create Scope manuallyCreate a new Scope
 Create Scope from ExcelCreate a scope from Excel Template or DDA provided Excel Output
 Solution Scenario ScopingPerform high level scoping and select relevant Solution Scenarios

Process Hierarchy

FunctionFeatureFeature Description
 Create Process Hierarchy ManuallyDefine a custom Process Hierarchy


ProcessesIn the Processes app, you can edit the scope of your solution processes, create a process hierarchy, and create requirements and notes. 
FunctionsFeaturesFeatures Description
Process List and DetailsEdit Solution Process ScopeFor detailed scoping add or remove Solution Processes from a Scope 
Process List and DetailsAssign Solution Processes to Process HierarchyAssign Solution Processes to Process Hierarchy nodes
Process List and DetailsReview Solution ProcessesReview rich solution process content such as Accelerators, CIAS, Value Flow Diagrams, BPMN Diagrams
Process List and DetailsCopy DiagramCopy best practice diagrams into custom solution processes in order to adjust them
Process List and DetailsTrigger CIAS WorkflowsFind and trigger CIAS workflows
Process List and DetailsCreate Requirements, User Stories, Notes, and TasksCreate assignments for document adjustments to be made to the process
Process List and DetailsSet Solution Process StatusMaintain the status of the process to indicate the process lifecycle state

Process Authoring

Process AuthoringIn the Authoring App you can create and manage custom solution processes  
FunctionsFeaturesFeatures Description
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorCreate Custom Solution ProcessesCreate your own Custom Solution Processes
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorPublish Custom Solution ProcessesPublish custom solution processes to add them to your project scope
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorDefine Custom Process LocalizationDefine the localization of the process to document country specifics
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorEdit AcceleratorsAdd, maintain and localize accelerators
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorModel Value Flow Diagrams

Model Value Flow Diagrams can be created,edited here

BPMN Modeling capabilities allow to create the most known elements within a diagram. Process Activities can be re-used. All other elements only represent modeling objects, they cannot be re-used

Custom Solution Processes List and EditorCreate Custom Solution Process Flow DiagramsCreate additional Process Flow Diagrams
Custom Solution Processes List and EditorModel Custom Solution Process Flow Diagrams / BPMNModel process flow using BPMN diagram language

Best Practices

How-To Videos

Links to VideosRelease Date
Conduct Fit-to-Standard Workshops with SAP Cloud ALMLink to Media Center for Application Lifecycle Management - SAP Cloud ALM Implementation                              
Perform your Fit-to-Standard Workshops (6:15 mins)July 13, 2021
ALM SUMMIT Recording: Efficient fit-to-Standard with SAP Cloud ALM process management and how it interacts with SAP Signavio (42:01 mins)March 3, 2023

Blog Posts

Links to Blog PostsAuthor Information
SAP Cloud ALM: process management                        Alexander Korneev April 22, 2022