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This page offers an overview of all Documentation capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM. 

The "Documents" app was just released and will be the future solution for solution documentation. The "Notes" functionality will still remain for a while and then all Notes will be migrated to "Documents". More information will be released once the migration is planned.


In future we will invest in extending the documentation capabilities in SAP Cloud ALM – for more information please watch this RECORDING.

For basic “How-To” instructions on how to use the tool, you should refer to the in-app help within SAP Cloud ALM or visit the SAP Help Portal.

Functions & Features


FunctionsFeatures Feature Description
Documents overviewView DocumentsUse the Document list view to see all documents of your project
Documents overviewFilter DocumentsFilter your documents by scope, owner, status, created by/changed by, created on/changed on, etc
Documents overviewAdd references in case documentation is stored outside SAP Cloud ALM you can add one or more links to the external sources. you can maintain the URL and name the reference
Documents overviewDraft handlingTo prevent data loss, all information maintained is always saved in a draft version. once the creator saves the changes, they are visible to others as well. you can see your draft documents in your list. you can also see if there are unsaved changed by you or others
Documents overviewRelationsYou can assign documents to one or more relevant solution processes. in the solution process app the documents are shown then, also the solution process traceability shows the related documents by status
Create new DocumentCreate new DocumentCreate a new documentation elements with title and unique ID
Create new DocumentSet Document StatusSelect the document status from the values: In Progress, In Review, Released. The status can be used for filtering and grouping, it is also shown in the solution process traceability view
Create new DocumentMaintain Document Ownerthe owner of the document can be maintained. As a default the creator is set as the owner
Create new DocumentMaintain Document ContentUsing a rich text editor, the documentation can be maintained directly in SAP Cloud ALM. Content can also be copied, then the formatting can be kept or removed. Lists, tables and other options are available. Pictures are currently now sup


FunctionsFeatures Feature Description
Notes overviewView and Filter Notes Use the Notes Overview page to see and filter all your notes in one list.
Notes overviewDownload Notes to ExelExport all notes with descriptions, references and tags
Create Notes Create Notes in a Notes OverviewCreate a note to add documentation to your project
Create Notes Create Notes in Process Overview Add a note to a process to store documentation of the process
Create Notes Tag Notes Tag Notes to categorize them
Create Notes Create ReferencesUse the references to add links to externally stored documents

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