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This page provides a collection of questions and related answers collected at the SAP ALM Summit EMEA 2020. 

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Our customers are looking for one test automation for the Intelligent Suite and their larger end-to-end customer solution including non-SAP. Neither Component Based Test Automation (CBTA) in SAP Solution Manager nor START in SAP S/4HANA Cloud are supporting all of our cloud products holistically.

By entering a strategic partnership, SAP gets immediate access to all Tricentis test automation assets. All our SAP Enterprise Support customers get Tricentis test automation for SAP for free, integrated in SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM. By reselling Tricentis for an extended, non-SAP scope, customers get in combination with SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM an enterprise-grade test suite. 

Customers can benefit from one enterprise test solution with a strong service provider ecosystem. With our plan to make SAP internal test content available to customers in SAP Cloud ALM, customers will be able to accelerate their release regression testing. The partnership is very well received by our customer and partner ecosystem. 

Neither CBTA in SAP Solution Manager nor START in SAP S/4HANA Cloud provide full coverage for the Intelligent Enterprise suite or even on enterprise level (including non-SAP).

Not at this time. And not to be worried about either. It will come in due time but might not be offered by SAP (maybe a partner). The new offering gives all SAP enterprise support customers the capability of automating ALL SAP products, which is not the case with CBTA.

We do not plan innovations in ITSM in our 3year road map. Most of our customers have 3rd-party solutions on Enterprise level and rather expect integration. To integrate any ITSM customer solution into the SAP support backbone, SAP plans to provide an ITSM to SAP support backbone adapter.

Which roadmap do you mean? BW Process Chain monitoring is available in SAP Solution Manager. If required we will make it also available in SAP Focused Run (today we haven't seen any demand). Due to the on-prem focus, we don't plan to make it available in SAP Cloud ALM.

SAP Solution Manager

We plan to keep the ABAP Stack on 7.40. It will remain in mainstream maintenance until December 31, 2027. See also SAP Note 1648480.

Extending maintenance is intended to make SAP Solution Manager 7.2 available for a longer time than originally planned. It does not imply that SAP Solution Manager will be replaced.

It is the same. Focused Build leverages all the test automation capabilities from SAP Solution Manager. You will be able to trigger Tricentis automated test cases from the My Test Execution app of Focused Build.

CBTA is already integrated in SAP Solution Manager and therefore also in Focused Build.

If you have TBOMs already, then BPCA and SEA make sense. If you do not have the TBOMs nor the process modeling, then Change Impact Analysis is a great tool with short time to results.

CBTA will be supported as long as SAP Solution Manager is supported. Customers using CBTA can continue doing so. No need for them to move away from it. If they face product coverage limitations (SFSF, Ariba, ...), they can now leverage Tricentis Test Automation to fill these gaps.

The positioning is different. Both tools can be used in conjunction. SEA and BPCA always require TBOMs, SAP Change Impact Analysis by Tricentis does not. So, if you do not have TBOMs and cannot build them quickly, then SAP CIA makes perfect sense.

The Tricentis Test Automation for SAP will be part of the Enterprise Support contract. It does not replace CBTA but offers a better product coverage. The price list component SAP Enterprise Continuous Testing offers more functionalities (service virtualization, NON-SAP automation support, ...).

Self healing TBOMs has nothing to do with Tricentis. The Tricentis automated test cases can be used to record or re-record TBOMs. The self healing of TBOMs would have to be triggered from SAP Solution Manager.

Please have a look in the SAP Solution Manager expert portal. SAP Cloud Connector is listed under supported products - technical systems


We started with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Essentials and will expand over time to other standalone solutions.

SAP Cloud ALM is part of SAP Enterprise Support cloud editions. No extra cost is attached.

This feature is planned to be released soon.

Not yet. But corresponding functionality is on the roadmap.

SAP Cloud ALM will integrate both tools, the test automation from SAP S/4HANA Cloud and Tricentis. Tricentis will be able to automate other cloud products (SF, Ariba, Concur) which cannot be done with the SAP S/4HANA Cloud test automation tool. This provides a fantastic opportunity to our customers. But no one is forced to use it.

SAP Focused Run

SAP Cloud ALM is intended for cloud-centric solutions. This means on-premise-centric solutions will be only covered to a certain degree. This means you should consider SAP Focused Run for end-user or integration scenarios covering on-prem and cloud-based components. SAP Cloud ALM for Operations should be considered for pure cloud-centric solutions.

Service & Support

Voice-to-text conversion has been tested in the context of Built-in Support with the focus of entering text in 2019. At that time customer feedback indicated that this is no key requirement. Accordingly, SAP decided to put it back on the roadmap. We will further look at the topic from Built-in Support side.

While video is a fast and easy way to capture information, submitted videos create challenges when being processed on SAP support side, which might create delays in incident processing. Examples are difficulties to process videos by solution recommendation algorithms like ISM in real-time, preventing processing personal or sensitive information visible on video (e.g. screen background), or accurately convert voice to text to be processed by Support engineers. Due to these restrictions, SAP Support does not recommend video as an input channel at the moment.

SAP decided to invest in the ITSM adapter based on built-in support technology in order to connect 3rd-party ITSM software to SAP Support backbone. There are no release dates available yet. We plan to provide more information on that topic in the first half of 2021.


SAP PartnerEdge offers test and demo licenses. SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions is included. This includes SAP Cloud ALM.

SAP Cloud ALM isn't prepared from technical as well as legal perspective for AMS partner business. This means in particular, you can't run multiple customers in a SAP Cloud ALM tenant owned by the AMS partner. Our clear recommendation is SAP Focused Run as platform for AMS providers.