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Understand how the SAP Enterprise Support offering facilitates modifications and upgrades.


SAP provides dedicated methodologies to guide you in organizing, structuring, and managing your system landscape and it's lifecycle:

Available SAP Enterprise Support Services Guided Self Services Enterprise Support Advisory

Available SAP Enterprise Support Services

The following services will help customer to standardize risk evaluation, analysis and verifying system configuration and sizing, optimization of performance and throughput for go live critical business processes and monitoring of critical business processes during go live phase.

Continuous Quality Checks (CQC)


To request any of these checks, please contact your local CIC.


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The CQC going live support is a standardized method to support companies during their critical go-live steps.


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The downtime assessment is a technical service to minimize downtime during an ABAP system update. The service is valid for technical upgrades of SAP systems, enhancement package installations, and support package installations with the SAP enhancement package installer tool.

The CQC for upgrade is most applicable when you are preparing for an upgrade your SAP system. It optimally prepares your system. It ensures that your SAP solution continues to operate efficiently in the new software environment by acting proactively before technical problems can occur.

The CQC upgrade assessment performs a detailed technical analysis of your core SAP system to support this planning process.

The CQC OS/DB migration check accompanies the migration of an SAP system from one operating system to another, or one database product to another, or both.


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The objective of the modification justification check is to provide expert advice on how to avoid SAP source code modifications whenever possible by using SAP standard functionality or by taking advantage of the SAP enhancement framework.

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How to order - SAP Note 1281532


The custom code maintainability check evaluates the quality of your custom development project with regard to future upgradeability and maintainability.

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How to order - SAP Note 1330674


Guided Self Services

Guided procedures enable you to tailor the service content according to your business operations requirement in combination with your solution environment. You get access to individualised problem resolution as well as long term upskilling possibilities for continued project success. Run services whenever you need it, how often you need it, tailored to your situation. Read this Overview.

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provides insight and facts about your core business processes.


It shows indicators for BPA and explains the BPI methodology. Additionally it includes the usage of BPAs and the Business Process Operations Dashboards. It can be also the initial scope for a Business Process Monitoring implementation.


provides full control of costs associated to storage and related system management.


DVM ensures long-term scalability and business continuity of all critical business transactions despite permanent accumulation of data. Additionally it drives continuous improvements object by object according to your priorities.


keeps the security of your system at high level by verifying critical security properties.


With SOS you are able to identify potential security issues and recommendations on how to improve the security of your system.


improves the system performance and optimizes the use of your hardware resources to make the most out of your investment.


By shortening the database response time and reducing the database load the overall system performance will improve as well as the response times of the affected transactions.


measures key performance indicators for the quality of the transport processes in a productive system.


Transport related problems like import and sequence errors, as well as emergency transports, are identified. This allows quality assurance of the transport processes. Transport statistics are provided for better control and governance. The change management processes are directed towards SAP Best Practices.


enables you to monitor SAP components in your SAP Business Suite solution at regular intervals. A dedicated EGI training is not necessary!


Issues are identified early, giving you time to resolve them before they impact your solution and business.



enables you to monitor SAP BusinessObjects at regular intervals.


Thus you can analyze the workload, detect potential performance bottlenecks and identify wrong configuration settings in your BOE system landscape.



Enterprise Support Advisory

  • Set-up Service, an initial assessment to establish the support engagement based on SAP standards and documentation
  • 360 degree review as part of the Enterprise Support engagement methodology, called Technical Solution Management
  • See the Enterprise Support Report to gain technology insights into operations. Contact your support advisory team to find out more.
  • Go to the Customer Center of Expertise (CCoE) to have a certified team driving operations in your company