This page describes the new and improved tools in the SL Toolset 1.0 with SPS 26.
The main page provides the complete list of tools and features related to Software Logistics.

  • Availability: SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 26 is available since May 27th 2019.
  • What's in: compared to SPS 25, no tool was added
    (SL Plugin was renamed to SL Container Bridge).

Software Maintenance

SUM 1.0 SP 23:

  • Scenario "DMO with System Move" is now supported from Windows (source AppServer OS) to Windows (target AppServer OS)

SUM 2.0 SP 05:

  • New UI becomes default (URL /slui instead of /sluigui)
  • Extended UI offers F1 help now, linking to html guide
  • non-CTI: Logfiles of SPDD/SPAU request are copied back to transport directory (CTI: done anyhow)
  • SYSLOG no longer deleted during SP-update without kernel change (no new kernel version, no new kernel patch)
  • Additional RUN_CHECK_SLT_TRIGGER_DOWNTIME-phase, phase RUN_CHECK_SLT_TRIGGER_DTTRANS is now ignorable
  • Dialog adjustments and new dialog for delta transport after switching to target version, see blog
  • Prerequisite check now includes check for AppServer OS for 1809 (reduced OS platform coverage)

Changes with latest SL Toolset version for 7.00 to 7.53 (SL Toolset 1.0 SPS 26 / Version 0073)

  • Add-on uninstallation:
  • SAP Notes transport-based correction instructions (TCI):
    • Avoid errors during CREATE COFILE when restoring TCI corrections

Software Provisioning

New Features for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP26 and Software Provisioning Manager 2.0 SP03

  • Installation enabled on SAP HANA DB with SSL based communication switched on
  • Newest version of sapinst included

Changes with Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP 26

  • New scenario
    • HDB copy ABAP: R3load-based export and import from Big-Endian to Little-Endian including 7.51 systems (with known limitations on R3load-supported artefacts). Note: 7.52 is not supported
  • New features:
    • System copy ABAP on HANA: Export/Import of HANA files with more than 2 billion entries in tables now supported
      Limitation: Only for products based on SAP Netweaver 7.40 and higher. See SAP Note 2784715
    • Integrated Setup of Encryption with IBM Db2 for Linux, Unix and Windows now supported:
      Db2 Native Encryption and SSL Client-Server Communication Encryption
  • New OS/DB versions:
    • DB2 for z/OS V12 FL504
    • Oracle 18 on Windows Cluster
  • SL Plugin was renamed to SL Container Bridge
  • Improved Command Line Interface

LM Automation

Standalone Task Manager for Lifecycle Management Automation

  • SP 02 available, with minor corrections