SAP ONE Support Launchpad:検索の概要

こちらの検索の概要ページより、従来のサポートアプリケーションから新しい SAP ONE Support Launchpad(ラウンチパッド)のアプリケーションの移行における、ラウンチパッドの検索アプリケーションの開発状況をご確認いただけます。

The Search Overview page provides an at-a-glance status update about the launchpad search application in the transition phase from our traditional support applications to the new SAP ONE Support Launchpad.


  • Centrally available: Whether you are in the Launchpad or one of its applications, the search is always at your fingertips.
  • One search, multiple objects: In addition to solutions such as SAP Notes and Knowledge Base Articles, you will also find your very own "objects" like installations, systems, or user information.
  • Closely integrated: The search is closely integrated into the applications. For instance, if you search for users, the results are displayed directly in the user management application, and you can start working straight-away.
  • Fully personalized: You exclusively find results that are relevant to you, i.e. according to your role and solution landscape.
  • Mobile-enabled: The search is automatically displayed in the format best for the device you are using, whether that is a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Modern features: Type-ahead (auto-completion), and recent search terms assist you in entering search terms.
  • Share your result items: From the SAP Notes / KBAs result list, actions can be triggered (e.g. download, send by mail).
  • Direct access to a know SAP Note/KBA: If you know a particular SAP Note/KBA number, you can simply enter it into the search field. It will be listed as the top hit in the result list.
  • Speed: The search leverages the benefits of the SAP HANA text search.