At a glance - Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder

SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder

You've made a strategic investment in SAP software to help your company stay ahead. Now with SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for SAP ERP, you get personalized help to identify opportunities for your core ERP-system around innovations, business process improvements and IT optimizations.

This interactive report is free of charge for every SAP support customers.


Discover this new tool in just 4 minutes

Watch this short video (4 minutes) to get a quick overview of the SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder for SAP ERP report. During this video, you will get to know the information and recommendations provided in this report. You will learn what the benefits it enables and how it is structured. At last, you will also discover a quick navigation in a sample report so you can understand how to use it.



Get further information about this interactive report

Get into more details of the SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder report for SAP ERP, so you can better prepare for when you will receive your tailored report for your SAP ERP system. You will then be able to realize the full potential of your SAP investment. Besides, this report is built in order to make it easier for you to present it to your management, and includes industry benchmark to improve your competitiveness.



Get your personalized Pathfinder report for SAP ERP

Take just ten minutes to register. Fill out the simple form, submit your last month's transaction productive ERP system workload data (ST03N) – and your latest enhanced SAP EarlyWatch alert with business key figures. In case you haven't activated the enhanced EWA, you can follow the instructions provided in this practical guide. You will get your report by email in approximately 5 business days.