SAP Expert Chat

In today's digital economy, enterprises become ‘live businesses.' As a consequence, they require the same real-time availability from their essential supporting functions. Long waiting periods or reaction times between problem and solution are unaffordable for them.

SAP Expert Chat provides our customers with instantaneous access to our top product experts, thereby considerably reducing the amount of time to get answers to their SAP product–related questions.


Discover SAP Expert Chat

In this 2 minute video, Learn how Expert Chat can connect you with an SAP support expert in real time. Discover how this live-chat function helps you resolve technical issues faster than ever.


Why SAP Expert Chat?

Unlike traditional ticket-based models, Expert Chat directly connects customers with support experts from SAP. Instead of filing an incident, customers can establish a real-time interaction with SAP's support organization, creating a faster and more direct route to issue resolution, which improves customer satisfaction while reducing project and operational costs.


How does it work?

Support Videos guide you step by step in using the SAP One Support Launchpad.  In this 3 minute video, you will find how to easily create an Incident and how contacting Expert Chat helps you to resolve technical issues faster than ever.


Access to SAP Expert Chat

Expert Chat in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad instantly connects you to live, technical experts. Click on the link below to access to SAP Expert Chat. For even faster access, add the Expert Chat tile to your Launchpad homepage so you can start the application from there.

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