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Discover SAP Custom Code Management

Custom code development is used by the majority of customers as an easy and powerful way to extend the standard SAP software and implement customer-specific business requirements.

At the same time, custom code is known as one of the major TCO drivers for complex customer solutions, translating in the need of an efficient and effective custom code management. You can take advantage of the Custom Code Management to receive comprehensive insights on how to efficiently and effectively manage homegrown custom code and get the most out of ITText


Discover Custom Code Management

Click the link below to get an overview of the challenges created by a big volume of custom code. You will also learn what are the tools and services available to you optimize and reduce your custom code, significantly lowering your total operating costs.



Introduction to the Application Lifecycle Management value map

In this three minute video, get a quick overview of the SAP Enterprise Support value map for Application Lifecycle Management. This value map contains the services and trainings you need for your custom code. To have a value map walk-through, click the link below.



Get tailored advice

Collaborate with SAP experts to get support on custom code management. For this, click on the "Sign up" button below to join SAP Enterprise Support value maps* - an empowerment and support program which will guide you through the knowledge, skills, and services needed to address your business challenges.

Choose the Application Lifecycle Management value map from the list on the tab “Explore Value Maps”. Request a call to interact with SAP experts to help you get started.

*It's necessary to have an S-User and to be registered to the SAP Learning Hub to access this content. 

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