Business Process Improvements

Maximize the value of your existing solution.

SAP Business Process improvement identifies inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in business processes and deliver recommendations to optimize these business processes. 90% of the time an analysis of the business processes was performed, SAP identified significant potential for improving the existing SAP implementation. This means the large majority of customers is not yet using their SAP Business Suite to the full extent.


Discover business process improvement

Business Process Improvement is a methodology to identify weaknesses in existing SAP Business Suite processes in order to make them more efficient and effective. The methodology is supported by business process analytics, which is a problem oriented tool in SAP Solution Manager providing fast root cause analysis capabilities.


What is the value for your organization?

Get tailor-made recommendations on areas of business process improvements potentials for your core SAP ERP system. This interactive report is available for all customers on SAP maintenance, provides recommendations that are based on the way you are using your SAP ERP system today, and how you are positioned compared to your peers.


Introduction webinar to the Value Map for business process improvement

In this Meet-the-expert session, you will discover the SAP Enterprise Support value map for business process improvement, which organized all the trainings and services included in SAP Enterprise Support into a comprehensive roadmap. You will also be able to interact with SAP Exerts in business process improvement.


Get tailored guidance for your business process improvement

Collaborate with SAP experts to improve your business processes. For this, simply click on the blue button below and select “Business Process Improvement” in the Available Value Maps section.