SAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding Resource Center

Foundational Information

Register for Live Onboarding Webinars

Designed to help you and your colleagues establish a foundation for success. These 60-minute sessions cover how you and your team can get started with your SAP Analytics Cloud solutions. Every session includes experts to field live Q&A. 

Please register for the language and date that best suit your schedule. 

View Recorded SAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding Webinars

We know it's not always possible to make live sessions. Accordingly, we've included recorded sessions available on demand. This includes onboarding and deep dive sessions on topics of broad interest.

Common Onboarding Topics - Quick Hit Videos

Know what you're looking for? Here our team provides insight on a curated list of common SAP Analytics Cloud onboarding topics in consumable videos of 10 minutes or less. 

SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Title & Registration LinkLanguageNext DateTimeCadence
SAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding - APJEnglishMay 10, 202211:00 AM ISTMonthly
SAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding - EuropeEnglishApr 10, 202211:30 AM CESTMonthly
SAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding - AmericasEnglishApr 10, 202210:00 AM PSTMonthly
SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning - EnglishEnglishMay 12, 202210:00 AM PSTEvery Second Month

SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

LanguageTopicRecording, Presentation, Q&A
EnglishSAP Analytics Cloud Onboarding SessionLink
EnglishSAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Onboarding SessionLink
EnglishSAP Analytics Cloud Innovation RoadmapLink
EnglishSAP Analytics Cloud - Create a Visual Data MasterpieceLink

Log In and Set Up

Did you receive a login email, and are not sure what to do next? Get an overview of the basics of loggin into and setting up your SAP Analytics Cloud Instance.

Create Users, Roles and Teams

Now that you're logged in, it's time to start including your colleagues! This video will take you through how to quickly add users and roles as well as setup teams within your SAP Analytics Cloud environment.

Data Connections

It's time to bring in the data. There are several types of connections to consider - live, acquired, tunnel. This video will give you the basics of each and help you start making connections.

Create a Model

When you initially acquire raw data, it may need to be cleansed. Data preparation involves pruning, transforming, and formatting your raw data before it's used in charts and tables. 

Create a Story

Now that you're up and running, we'll show you how to create stories using provided templates, or building a compelling story from scratch. 

Request a 1:1 Follow Up Session

We know that the live and recorded sessions will give you a solid foundation to get started. We also acknowledge that there will invariably be some things that make your situation unique. 

Accordingly, you can reach out to our team via the engagement request forms for a 1:1 follow-up session. We ask that you go through one of the overview sessions in advance so you and your team have the foundational knowledge to make the time we spend together as impactful as possible.


Additional Resources

SAP Analytics Cloud sits under the broader umbrella of the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). If you'd like to explore some of the additional SAP BTP solutions, you can do so here.