SAP Preferred Success & SAP Preferred Care

To help you maximize the value you get from cloud solutions from SAP, we have enhanced and simplified our portfolio of cloud offers. Our cloud offerings not only support and educate your users, they also facilitate successful cloud adoption across your business. Our proactive approach helps accelerate your return on investment and enable you to meet your cloud strategy goals. Our offerings include the cloud edition of SAP Enterprise Support services and SAP Preferred Success, designed for customers using our cloud solutions.

The personalized engagement at the heart of SAP Preferred Care, on-premise edition, keeps you running at peak performance and gives you more time to strategize for innovation. You can deepen your product knowledge, optimize your processes, and enhance issue resolution by working with special SAP contacts. 

SAP Preferred Success Plan

Customers using SAP Preferred Success build on all the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, enhanced by additional features designed to help you maximize the value of the SAP cloud solution.

SAP Preferred Success is the recommended go-to success plan for public cloud customers. It provides insight-driven, prescriptive, and personalized recommendations for consuming and optimizing the value of your cloud solutions and technologies. It also fosters tailored functional learning, change management, and enhanced support.

SAP Preferred Success helps you:

  • Achieve better user experience and quick business outcomes with our success plans and a comprehensive portfolio of success resources through the entire solution lifecycle.
  • Create a cloud-based mind-set, drive your cloud strategy, and derive superb value from SAP cloud solutions with our designated customer success manager.
Empower your key users and administrators with knowledge on relevant topics and best practices through our targeted training programs.

SAP Preferred Care, on-premise edition

In on-premise environments, you create value only if productions systems perform efficiently and reliably, but staying relevant today means undergoing digital transformations. You must mitigate the risk of disruption, proactively avoiding critical incidents – or resolving them rapidly.

No matter how you run SAP software, you can enjoy robust incident handling and knowledge transfer, as well as rich additional services and enhanced service-level agreements.

  • Plan your business with a designated customer success manager who provides remote enhanced incident management and orchestrates incident handling
  • Receive remote access to a product expert for a specific productive SAP software component for one year
  • Optimize your implementations and operations through proactive service checks for on-premise environments
  • Benefit from even faster issue handling when it's really needed through enhanced service-level agreements