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Accelerated Innovation Enablement (AIE)
Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is intended to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding AIE,
an exclusive offering of the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.

The AIE team will contact you to clarify more details about your request, and following the input you provide, you will receive the available dates for when the support can be provided.

Yes, after you and the AIE team agree on the date and time, you will receive an email invitation with the log-in details for the AIE.

All AIE support is virtual.

Yes, as long as they are related to the scope of the presentation, questions are open and encouraged during the entire AIE.

Yes, once you receive the invitation, you may forward the invite to other colleagues who may wish to join. You may also provide the email addresses on behalf of your colleagues to the AIE team, and new invites will be sent to them as well.

Yes, after the presentation is delivered, you will receive a copy of the presented slides from the AIE team.

Following the AIE delivery, the presenter will not be available to address additional questions. Reach out to the AIE team to clarify your need for follow-up support.

AIE’s are delivered either one-to-one or one-to-many. Typically 99% of all AIE sessions are delivered one-to-one.

An extension of the AIE offering is Expert on Demand, where additional questions can be addressed beyond the scope of the general knowledge covered during an AIE.

In-scope are specific architectural and installation-related questions about SAP Business Suite core application releases.