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License Compliance Interview

In a License Compliance Interview the Global License Audit & Compliance (GLAC) team engages the customer in a collaborative business process discussion to achieve a common understanding of the customer's “Use” of SAP software mostly in relation to “Use” via third party applications or interfaces.

The service is designed to determine compliance with license terms without recourse to a technical measurement and can be performed standalone or connected with a License Audit Measurement Service.

As a structured and transparent interview format, dedicated GLAC colleagues deliver the service jointly with the customer focusing on specific customer business scenarios.


Business needs

  • Identifies and quantifies customer exposure related to “Use” per our contracts (direct and indirect) based on specific business process scenarios.
  • Assists customer in realizing the benefits of the Digital Documents licensing model to address any potential exposure related to indirect access specific to a business process scenario.
  • Supports partners to understand any indirect licensing requirements associated with their applications.

Delivery approach and scope

  • Collaborative interview format performed always jointly with the customer.
  • Structured and transparent delivery based on customer specific business processes without recourse to a technical measurement.
  • A business-related talk track examines the customer's integration and utilization of SAP software within standard and industry specific business processes.

Value and benefits

  • The LCI Service Outcome report documenting the different business processes discussed and examined.
  • A detailed in-depth review and analysis of business processes as they relate to the customer's specific contract and deployment.
  • In conjunction with the Standard Audit Service, this service enables the customer to identify and quantify potential exposure related to “Use” of the SAP software.

Process Flow

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