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License Advisory Service

The License Advisory Service (LAS) is designed to provide customers with a clear understanding of SAP products, the quantities, and the applicable use rights they are licensed for in a standardized and structured format​.

Initiated by the customer and not by SAP's contractual audit rights, this advisory service can be requested by the customer at any time and its delivery depends on GLAC resource availability.

The LAS is not based on a license measurement and therefore does not replace or circumvent SAP standard audit rights.


Business needs

  • Better understand potential implications of SAP license models for the customer
  • Recognize potential areas for license exposures early
  • Understand how SAP engages to measure license usage
  • Develop greater trust and confidence in working with SAP Global License Audit & Compliance and empower customers to engage with future audit measurements​

Delivery approach and scope

  • Establish scope and clear rules of engagement​
  • Provide a detailed contractual analysis and prepare a document consolidating the licensing history​
  • Lead an interactive customer workshop​ (on-site or remote)
  • Issue a report and recommendations when applicable

Value and benefits

  • Foster and educate on license asset management​
  • Address exposures due to potential software over consumption​
  • Recognize potential for conversion of under-utilized SAP software (‘shelf-ware')​
  • Develop an understanding of other applicable GLAC services and existing transformation programs

Process Flow

Useful Links

Service Request

If you wish to request the License Advisory Service, either contact your License Compliance Manager or send an e-mail.  

LAS Overview

You can download the License Advisory Service info sheet to get all information on a single page.


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