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Help and Support

Here is where you'll find access to the support you need to make the most of your SAP Business Network account.

Standard Account

Self-service support for standard account holders is available through help centers. You'll find concise, understandable video tutorials, documentation, FAQ, and more about orders, invoices, contracts, leads, and sourcing events.

Enterprise Account

In addition to self-service help center resources, extended support is available to enterprise account holders. Like dedicated catalog management support, advanced web assistance via chat and phone, and expert onboarding guidance.

Quick Links to Popular Topics

Recover a Forgotten Password

If you need to conduct some business on SAP Business Network but forget your password, follow these simple instructions.

Respond to an RFP or RFI

If you've received an invitation to participate in a customer's sourcing event, review detailed guidance about how to respond.

Handle a bill

If you've received subscription or transaction service invoice and are unsure why or how to pay it, review this help documentation.