Business Process Content in SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM offers a central platform to access all kind of business process content provided by SAP and partners. In addition, customers can create their own process structures.

The business process content is always the foundation since it defines and organizes the relation between project tasks and related business areas. Based on the business process content, all activities can be supported by SAP Cloud ALM such as definition of requirements, planning of project tasks, documentation of the adjustments made, testing and release from development to the production system including a constant monitoring of the progress.

The following process content packages are available currently. To check which SAP solutions are available from a business content perspective please check the content availability overview.

SAP Best Practices

The SAP Best Practices delivers predefined processes for SAP solutions. If you want to learn more about the available best practice portfolio, please visit the Best Practice Explorer.


Within SAP Cloud ALM you will find the same content as in the SAP Best Practice Explorer, whereas the offered packages depend on the content and country availability. 

As of today there are 480 scope items available and 21 country versions, which is still a subset of the content available in SAP Best Practice Explorer. More content will be made available constantly.

For each scope item you have one or multiple diagrams and a detailed description of the business process. From here you also find a link to the SAP Best Practice Explorer.

SAP Intelligent Enterprise Scenarios

SAP defined Intelligent Enterprises scenarios that show end-to-end business processes across different SAP solutions. SAP defined four top Intelligent Enterprise scenarios: “Total Workforce Management”, “Lead to Cash”, “Design to Operate” and “Source to Pay”.

Within SAP Cloud ALM you could select the “Hire-to-Retire” value chain from the Intelligent Enterprise scenario of Total Workforce Management. This value chain diagram gives a solution-agnostic overview of which business activities are included.

From the value chain, you can then select a specific product-related scenario implementation that fulfils the required business needs shown in the value chain. You can select the implementation you would like to implement and adopt. It is possible to drill down into a detailed diagram explaining how the process is executed in and across SAP solutions.

Next to the diagram, a detailed description of the business process is given. Per each task in the process, a detailed description on how the process step is executed in the solution is given as test procedure including sample test data to be entered. Furthermore, the link to the starter system can be accessed to “test-drive” the process in a real system.