Focused Run Expert Portal

Focused Run Applications

  • Infrastructure Administration:
    Simple System Integration (SSI)
    Agent Administration and Mass Update
    Expert Scheduling Management Cockpit
    Central Notification Management
    Rapid Content Delivery
  • Advanced System Management (ASM):
    System Monitoring
    System Monitoring - Supported Products
    Open Component Monitoring
    IT Calendar & Work Mode Management
    Service Availability Management (SAM)
    License Management

    EarlyWatch Alert
    Maintenance Planner
    Guided Procedures - Catalog and Reporting
    Guided Procedures - Automatic Health Check
    Guided Procedures - Activity Plugins
  • Advanced User Monitoring (AUM):
    Real User Monitoring (RUM)
    Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM)
  • Advanced Root Cause Analysis (ARA):
    System Analysis
    Open KPI Store
    Trace Analysis
  • Advanced Integration Monitoring (AIM):
    Integration & Cloud Monitoring
    Cloud Service Management
  • Advanced Event & Alert Management (AEM):
    Event and Alert Management
    Alert Reaction Procedures
  • Advanced Configuration Monitoring (ACM):
    Configuration & Security Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics & Intelligence (AAI):
    OCC Dashboard
    Tactical Dashboard

Best Practices

  • Monitoring of Integration Scenarios
  • Connecting Multiple Focused Run Systems to One Managed System


  • Focused Run FAQ

Infrastructure Preparation Guides

  • How to Proceed - Read Me First
  • Preparing Customer Network and Global Settings 
  • Preparing Outside Discovery
  • Preparing System Landscape Data Router
  • Preparing CA APM Enterprise Manager
  • Preparing Databases
  • Preparing Managed Systems
  • Preparing Focused Run Applications
  • Preparation Tool

Operation Guides

  • Log Deletion and Archiving
  • Predictive Analytics Forecasting


  • Principle Decommissioning
  • Automatic Decommissioning
  • Manual Decommissioning


  • Simple Diagnostics Agent Troubleshooting
  • Simple System Integration Troubleshooting
  • Managed Systems Preparation Troubleshooting
  • Data Suppliers Completeness Checks Troubleshooting


  • Focused Run FAQ