Enabling Simple System Integration Log Archiving

Simple System Integration is the central point to configure the managed systems in the landscape. All activities performed via Configure Manually or Configure Automatically are logged in a specific log store (SISE Log).

In the Agent Administration UI, the activities performed via Configure Manually, Install/Update Agent and Configure Agent are also logged into that specific log store.


In order to enable the log archiving for the Simple System Integration related procedures, follow the instructions which you can access via transaction SE61, using parameters:

  • Document Class = TX | General text

Then press Display.


For archiving the logs related to the configuration of hosts use scenario ID MNGD_HOST_SRSM.

For archiving the logs related to the configuration of technical systems use scenario ID MNGD_SYS_SRSM.


In case of absence of other requirements, we recommend archiving logs older than 100 days.

Otherwise, configure the archiving per the known requirements.