Preparation Tool

How to Use

We understand that the main disadvantage of preparing the Managed Systems for connecting to Focused Run is that there are different UI's resp. Interfaces to create user, configure SLD DS etc.  To provide a solution, the Preperation Tool provide an unified script able REST Interface to execute Managed System preparation task remotely and automated. 

Of course you still can execute managed system preparation task for Focused Run manually or with your existing IT tools  like Central User Management. Or if its of advatage for you, you can use the Preparation Tool

The preparation tool expect that you edit a simple template  with the needed parameters (global parameters are possible) for the preparation task to be executed and than send this template as HTTP body to the REST Inteface where a Simple Diagnodtic Agent with Preparation Tool is running


Similar you can request the template 

http://<remote-host>:1128/lmsl/sda/default/api/v1/preptool/trigger?action=template&system-type=AS_ABAP&system-type=HOST&format=TEXT will generate a template in plain text format containing all configuration tasks for ABAP and HOST


Delivery and Detailed Task Description  

We can not deliver all all preparation tasks for all Managed Systems Types with a big bang.  The development and test effort is simply to high.  Thats why we deliver a new preparation tasks when available with a new version of the Simple Diagnostics Agent (~monthly).

Which Task is delivered with which release of the Simple Diagnostic Agent is documented in 

2641304 - Using SAP Focused Run System Preparation Tool for Managed System Preparation

Each task delivered has a own SAP Note,  to document the task in detail and also protocol found issues for that task. In the not above you find a table with Supported managed system types and corresponding tasks.



Below for illustration a small graphic about the preparation tool

  • Restfull Client:  Any REST enabled HTTP client you like e.g. "CURL" , "POSTMAN", "SAP LAMA", "SAP ABAP" etc
  • SAP Hostagent:  Because you pass sensible user and password with the Preparation Tool payload only HTTPS is recommendet
  • SDA.SAR :  The Preparation Tool is delivered with the Simple Diagnostic Agent
  • SDA:  The preparation tool is persited in the file system of the Simple Doagnostics Agent /usr/sap/hostctrl/SMDAgent/default/pt