Introduction of the Agent Administration UI

The Agent Administration UI is the central UI to check the status of Simple Diagnostics Agent (SDA), to send ad-hoc operation commands to the Agents and check the returns in logs.  You can search for hosts registered in the LMDB and install Simple Diagnostics Agents (SDA) on this hosts (if not already done automatically)

Figure 1 The Agent Administration UI and the different Areas

The Agent Administration UI is divided into three areas:

  •        Search Area

The user can search corresponding host by host name, by logical host name or by Technical System name.

  •  Result Area with Actions

It shows the user one or more hosts which fit the search criteria. Selecting one more hosts in the result list offers different actions on this host(s).

  • Information and Error Area

Information about the agent installation and configuration as well as errors are displayed on following tabs of this area:

  1. Installation Log Messages
  2. Configuration Information
  3. Agent Errors
  4. Mass Action Logs

Search Area

Search Area

the search area offers 3 differnt tabs's

<Janko please complete>

  • By Hosts   is the search ????
  • By Logical Hosts  is the search ????
  • By Technical Systemsis the search ????

Figure 2

Result Area with Actions

After a search by host, physical host or technical system, the result area lists all the hosts which match the criteria.

The area has two buttons “Display Host” and “Configure Manually” as well as actions that can be executed on one or more hosts. For more details please see Actions.

Figure 3 Result List of the Agent Administration UI


This metric measures the availability of a Simple Diagnostics Agent.

Status colour Description
White The self-monitoring is not configured
Green The self-monitoring metrics are received regulary in the central FRUN ABAP
Red The selfmonitoring is configured, but the self-monitoring metrics are not received

  • Physical Host Name of the physical host.
    Customer ID The unique identifier for a customer.
  • Logical Hosts
    The name of the logical hosts which are associated with the physical host.
  • Technical Systems
    All Technical Systems that operates on the host.
  • Host Agent Version
    Version of the host agent which contains a version number, a compile time stamp and the change list number.
  • Diagnostic Agent Version
    The Diagnostic Agent Version contains a number followed by a time stamp (yyyymmddhhmmss).
  • Configuration Status
    The following configuration statuses of the agent are possible:

Status Colour Description
White There is nor was a configuration requested to be transferred to the Simple Diagnostics Agent.
Yellow sending

The configuration transfer from the backend to the Simple Diagnostics Agent is currently processed.

Yellow pending The configuration transfer form the backend to the Simple Diagnostics Agent is waiting until it can be processed. If this is an ongoing status, check the troubleshooting guide

Ýellow Confirmation outdated

There is a new configuration version to be verified by the backend. Until the verification has been processed, the confirmation status is outdated.

Green up to date The configuration was sent successfully from the backend system to the Simple Diagnostics Agent.
Green Confirmed The metrics are sent successfully from the Solution Manager to the Diagnostics Agent. 
Red The configuration could not be done because of internal errors.


The possible actions depend on the number of selected hosts in the result list. Some operations are single host operations (Agent Actions) others are multi selection actions (Mass Actions).

Furthermore, it depends on the authorization which actions are displayed for the user. For more details see Authorization for Agent Administration UI Action

  • Display Host It is a single selection action openning the LMDB Technical System Editior for hosts. The following Information is shown there:
    • General Host Information like Operating System and IP Address
    • Technical Systems Using Host
    • Installed Software
    • Alternative Hostnames
    • Additional Attributes
  • Configure Manual  is a single action opening the Guided Procedure UI for the selected host. It is only a single selection action to configure the host manually.
  • Agent Actions is a drop down menue to select single selection actions on a host
    • Open Agent Internals A new window is opened by this action with the Agent Internals containing the following information:
      •  about the Agent e.g. host name and id, configuration time …
      • MAI configuration
      • MAI statistics
      • Logs 

Figue 5 Agent Internals window

  • Open File System Browser


Figure 4 File System Browser Window

  • Open Log Configuration 
    Gets the log configuration of the SDA. The logger tree structure and current log levels (fully expanded) are displayed. It is possible to
    • select an entry and to choose a new log level from a drop-down list,
    • add a new logger as child to the selected entry or
    • remove a logger
  • Open SLDR Configuration
    For a selected host, it is checked if this host is registered an SL Data Router. If the agent does not serve as an SLDR an error dialog is shown "The selected agent is not an SLDR." A configuration dialog is shown with the following functions:
    • show existing destinations
    • modify destinations
    • add a destination
    • delete a destination
    • save or cancel changes
      Information about the successful execution of this action can be found on the Configuration Information tab on the Agent Administration UI. Wait until the configuration was send and refresh the UI a few times
  • Download Log Files
    The Operation generates a file which can be opened or saved. The file contains the log files under the Solution Manager instance directories of the agent.
    • agent.log
    • agent applications.log
    • forced-exit.log
    • osgi.log
    • system.log
    • Jvm-trace.log
    • dev_jco_rfc.trc
  • Download Configuration
    The configuration files of the agent can be downloaded by this operation. The file contains the following directories
    • Default/configuration
    • Custom /configurationUnder these directories there are several application specific configuration files with the configuration of the specific Solution Manager instance.
  • Restart Agent
    Don't forget to refresh the Agent Administration UI to see the current status of the agent restart.
  • Ping Agent
    The details and the reachability of an agent can be tested by the operation “Ping Agent”. 
    • Software Version:
    • Configuration Version:
    • Uptime:
    • Total Memory:
    • Free Memory:
    • DPC Path URL
    • Get Heap Dump

  • Get Heap Dump
    collects all heap dump files of the agent and creates a file to download.
  • Get Thread Dump
    creates a file of the thread dump of the agent.
  • Enable Debugging

Mass Action

The mass action enables multi-selection at the host result table and executes the selected mass operation on the selected agents.

  • Install/Update Agent
  • Configure Agent
  • Outside Discovery
  • Open a New Window
  • Ping Agent
    same as in Agent Action see above
  • Restart Agent

Authorization for Agent Administration UI Actions

The authorization object SR_SDA_AUT has the only field ACTVT that defines general access authorization of the user to the agent administration.

  • (03) Display: Read-only view.
  • (16) Execute: Allows user to execute actions.
  • (70) Administer: Allows user to use expert tools, e.g. to manually modify automatic configurations, upload binaries, agent mass update.
  • (W1) Debug: Allows user to debug the agent or do memory analyses. The user might see passwords.

Users that have Execute permission should have Display permission.
Users that have Administer permission should have Display and Execute permission.
Users that have Debug permission should have Display and Execute permission.

Due to security reasons the permission Debug should be given in rare cases.

Available action sorted by Permission:

  • Display
    • Display in LMDB, but checked by the LMDB itself if user is authorized
    • Show Configuration Steps, opens the GP in display mode, further authorization checks not depending on the SDA object
    • Open Agent Internals
    • Ping Agent
    • Open in new Window
  • Execute
    • All Display-actions
    • Restart
    • Download Log-Files
    • Download Configuration
    • Install/Update Agent
  • Administer
    • All Execute-actions
    • SLDR Configuration
    • Update All Agents
    • Upload SDA/JRE-Binaries
  • Debug
    • All Execute-actions
    • Enable Debugging
    • Disable Debugging
    • Download Heap Dump
    • Download Stack Trace



Information and Error Area

Figure 6 Tabs of the Information and Error Area

Installation Log Messages

Configuration Information

Agent Errors

The tab displays error metrics messages. A link at the Exception opens a popup to the trace file snippet -5 and +1 seconds of the error time.

Mass Action Logs