SAP Transformation Navigator

What I like about SAP Transformation Navigator is that it gives us a framework for our digital transformation journey. It asks questions you might not know to ask. Based on your answers, it charts a path forward.

- Jim Sauceman, Director of SAP ERP Support, University of Tennessee System, USA

How can you adapt your business from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow?  How will your landscape evolve to meet the demands of the digital economy?  How can SAP deliver the intelligent enterprise?  With the SAP Transformation Navigator.

This free self-service tool provides clear guidance on how to chart your digital path to an intelligent enterprise. It assesses your current IT landscape, business strategy, and industry trends, and delivers one comprehensive report, which you can download immediately, containing custom recommendations of the SAP products and solutions required to realize your digital strategy.

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Learn the SAP Transformation Navigator with the Quick Tip Video Series.
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Build Your Own Custom Transformation Guide

Step 1: Create your 'recommended' product map. View your current product implementation, update capabilities based on your business and IT needs, and view a recommended future map, with detailed information about transformation services, integration options, and the impact on your license agreements.

Step 2: Build your value-based business case. Review the value drivers influenced by the recommended products and solutions and the achievable range of improvements, and prioritize and select aspirations for each driver.

Step 3: Plan your transformation journey. Leverage transformation scenarios, SAP services, and transition types to start a conversation with your colleagues and SAP.

Step 4: Download the business, technical, and transformation guides.

Step 5: Use the SAP Transformation Navigator to collaborate with your colleagues and/or SAP.

Download your representative guide - without accessing the application!

Access a sample of comprehensive Business, Technical and Transformation guides - the output of the SAP Transformation Navigator - which represent a typical customer within an industry.

Customer Stories

The SAP Transformation Navigator has helped SAP customers reimagine innovation for their businesses. With more than 30,000 product maps generated in the first year alone, SAP Transformation Navigator is a hit.

Read about how SAP customers in different industries are using the tool to plan the path to an intelligent enterprise in these SAP Transformation Navigator Customer Stories.

Customers all over the world are diving in – and we encourage you to do the same by trying the tool now.  

What's New

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September 2020 - Content update and minor bug fixes - always find the latest info in the "what's new document".

July 2020 - Content update: removal of content related to industry "Entertainment"; Step 2: "Value Aspiration" - link/integration to SAP Value Lifecycle Management - Guided Business Case Creation.

April 2020 - The content of the SAP Transformation Navigator has been updated to reflect SAP's newest products, solutions and recommendations.

November 2019 - We haven't been idling over the last couples of months! Check out the new features in the application - including a new "Quick Start" option to get to your recommendations faster than ever; a simplified "Value Aspiration" (Step 2) with enhanced info and a quicker way to get to your business- / value-case; and an overhauled "Transformation Journey" (Step 3) summarizing all your transition and implementation options.

December 2018 - Watch the Quick Tip Video Series to easily learn the various features of the SAP Transformation Navigator. Check back regularly for new videos.

October 2018 - At the DSAG (German SAP User Group) Annual Conference, SAP launched the SAP S/4HANA Adoption Starter Engagement to support customers as they begin designing their move to SAP S/4HANA. This 6-week program combines a virtual classroom with self-guided steps to help customers structure and assess their transformation in-depth. Learn more.

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