SAP Transformation Navigator

How can you adapt your business from where it is today to where it needs to be tomorrow? How will your landscape evolve to meet the demands of the digital economy? How can SAP’s innovation road map accelerate your transformation journey? SAP can answer those questions and more with just three words: SAP Transformation Navigator.

The SAP Transformation Navigator is a free self-service which provides customers with clear guidance on how to chart your digital future. It assesses your current IT landscape and strategy (Cloud vs. On premise) and industry trends, and delivers one comprehensive report you can download immediately, that contains custom recommendations of the SAP products and solutions required to realize your digital strategy.

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Customer Stories

The SAP Transformation Navigator has helped SAP customers reimagine innovation for their businesses

The SAP Transformation Navigator has helped SAP customers reimagine innovation for their businesses.

With more than 30,000 product maps generated in the first year alone, SAP Transformation Navigator is a hit.  Customers all over the world are diving in – and we encourage you to do the same by trying the tool now.  

Still wondering how customers benefit from SAP Transformation Navigator? Stay tuned for three stories of how three SAP customers in three different industries – utilities, higher education, and consumer products – are using the tool today. 

What's New

April, 2018 - Perfectly time your digital transformation with the SAP Transformation Navigator. Learn more about the tool’s most recent enhancement: The Time Slider, and find out how SAP’s product recommendations will evolve over time.

Join SAP Transformation Navigator at SAPPHIRENOW 2018 this June in Orlando. Attend one of the keynote presentations or interactive sessions, or register for a one-on-one expert session and create your own custom transformation guide.

How To

Build Your Own Custom Transformation Guide

Tool access is part of your maintenance subscription. Log in with your SAP Support ID (S-User).

Step 1: Create your 'recommended' product map

Begin with a view of your current product implementation, and add any new capabilities needed for your evolving business and IT strategies. The tool produces a recommended future product map, as well as detailed information about transformation services, integration options, and the impact on your license agreements.

Step 2: Build your value-based business case

Review the value drivers (ie, business performance indicators) influenced by the recommended SAP solutions and products, and the achievable range of improvements (based on SAP customer experience and benchmarks). You then prioritize and select aspirations for each value driver. This output is the foundation for your business case.

Step 3: Plan your transformation journey

Use the framework to plan and start your company's digital transformation. Leverage transformation scenarios, SAP services, and transition types to start the conversation with your colleagues and SAP.


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