System Recommendations

Tailored Automated Recommendations for SAP Notes

System Recommendations provides a detailed recommendation of ABAP and non-ABAP SAP Notes which should be implemented, based on the actual status of the system and already implemented SAP Notes.

Latest News

  • New in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP 5
    New filter option for notes: Navigate to a notes list and adjust the filter entering individual note numbers.

Important SAP Notes

  • Note 2458890 - SysRec: Support SAP GUI Notes (Version 4 from 27.04.2017)
  • Note 2461414 - SysRec: notes for obsolete kernel versions are displayed (Version 5 from 29.12.2017)
  • Note 2556623 - SysRec: Collective Corrections for Solution Manager 720 Fiori UI (Version 15 from 12.01.2018)
  • Note 2590592 - SysRec7.2 Support Package for kernel notes are missing (Version 2 from 18.01.2018)
  • Note 2585487 - SysRec7.2 notes for obsolete kernel versions are displayed for the target system (Version 2 from 22.01.2018)
  • Note 2591182 - SysRec7.2 Display notes consistent with the SYSREC_LAST_MONTHYEAR customizing settings (Version 4 from 29.01.2018)

Advantages & Features of System Recommendations

  • The recommendation comprises the following SAP Notes categories:

SAP Security Notes
Performance-Relevant Notes
Legal Change Notes
Correction Notes (deactivated by default)

  • Powerful calculation method for SAP Notes provides comprehensive recommendations for the whole system landscape
  • Integration into Change Request Management to directly create a Request for Change for the selected SAP Notes
  • Integration with Usage Procedure Logging (UPL) to distinguish between used and unused code
  • Integration into Change Impact Analysis to calculate the impact and testing scope

  • Increase system security by applying up-to-date security-relevant  SAP Notes exactly tailored for the respective system
  • Easy-to-use filter settings allow exact selection of system or solution
  • Cross-system view on required SAP Notes
  • Individual views and selections as personal Fiori tiles
  • Customizing for status values
  • Cross-system status maintenance with history and cumulative comments
  • Detail view for SAP Notes including required prerequisite notes
  • Activation of System Recommendations as part of SAP Solution Manager Managed System Setup


System Recommendations on Help Portal
(SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP 1)

System Recommendations on Help Portal
(SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP 5)

Usage, configuration and customizing of System Recommendations 
(SAP Solution Manager 7.2)

System Recommendations Community Blog
(SAP Solution Manager 7.1)


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