SAP Solution Manager Global Roadshow

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Global Roadshow

Join the SAP Solution Manager roadshow to learn about the value SAP Solution Manager 7.2 brings to you!

Learn how easy you can adopt SAP Solution Manager at your own pace, experience the new features of SAP Solution Manager and build your own roadmap to maximize the value you can get out of SAP's strategic lifecycle management platform.

Have a look at the topic of the SAP Solution Manager roadshow.

Date City Country Venue Registration & Information
30.05.2017 Kopenhagen Denmark SAP Office  
05.06.2017 Sun City South Africa Sun City / SAPHILA Full-day track at SAPHILA 2017
06.06.2017 Minneapolis, MN USA Marriott Minneapolis Learn more
08.06.2017 Toronto Canada SAP Office Learn more
08.06.2017 Cape Town South Africa SAP Office  
14.06.2017 Stockholm Sweden SAP Office  
20.06.2017 Palo Alto, CA USA SAP Labs Learn more
20.06.2017 Oslo Norway tbc  
22.06.2017 Huntington Beach, CA USA Hyatt Regency Learn more
Dublin Ireland SAP Office Learn more
11.07.2017 Milwaukee, WI USA Rockwell Automation Learn more
12.07.2017 Athens Greece SAP Office Learn more
12.07.2017 Manchester United Kingdom SAP Office Learn more
13.07.2017 Maidenhead (London) United Kingdom SAP Office Learn more
15.08.2017 Boston, MA USA SAP Office Learn more
17.08.2017 Atlanta, GA USA Georgia State University Learn more
06.09.2017 Phoenix, AZ USA SRP Pera Club Learn more
07.09.2017 Calgary Canada Nexen Building Learn more
08.09.2017 Bangalore India SAP Labs Learn more
12.09.2017 Dallas, TX USA SAP Office Learn more
12.09.2017 Hong Kong China SAP Office  
12.09.2017 Mumbai India SAP Office Learn more
12.09.2017 Helsinki Finland SAP Office  
14.09.2017 Highland Heights, KY USA Northern Kentucky University Learn more
14.09.2017 Gurgaon India Vatika Towers Learn more
14.09.2017 Seoul South Korea SAP Office  
05.10.2017 Moscow Russia SAP Office Learn more
05.10.2017 St. Petersburg Russia SAP Office Learn more
05.10.2017 Astana Kazakhstan SAP Office Learn more
17.10.2017 Paris France SAP Office Learn more
14.11.2017 Houston, TX USA SAP Office Learn more
21.11.2017 Rome Italy SAP Office  
23.11.2017 Milan (Vimercate) Italy SAP Office  
29.11.2017 s'Hertogenbosch Netherlands SAP Office