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Innovate Faster with Less Cost and Fewer Headaches

Successful IT groups add value by innovating operations to help the business run better. But today, just keeping up with mobile and cloud computing and collecting social media and Big Data input could exhaust your resources. SAP Enterprise Support services, as part of your maintenance, provides proactive and collaborative help to boost your efficiency and leave power to innovate.



Take Four Easy Steps to Innovate

SAP Enterprises Support provides a wealth of valuable services to help you prepare and adopt innovations in your landscape. Using readily available self-service tools, you can quickly identify improvement opportunities and learn to stay open to innovation in the future. We've designed a four-step approach to highlight ways you can improve efficiency now.


What does SAP offer?

Check SAP Road Maps to get an overview of the available features of SAP software and the proposed directions for the future. Get insight into the development plans, strategic development topics, and co-innovation areas. SAP helps you create your individual road map and provides services that can support you to continuously optimize the return on your IT investments.


How can my business benefit?

View innovations available to your business: analyze your current landscape to see whether you are making the best use of available innovations offered through SAP enhancement packages. The self-service SAP Roadmap Explorer tool provides a closer business and technical view, and helps you determine which innovations can be relevant for your business.




How can I gain the knowledge?

SAP supports you balance your busy work schedule, while learning how SAP innovations could potentially transform your business. Various offerings like the Early Knowledge Transfer or openSAP help you stay up to date with the latest SAP innovations, regardless of whether you're an SAP professional, developer, consultant, entrepreneur or professor.

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How can we get enabled? 

Get the know-how you need. Accelerated Innovation Enablement (AIE) sessions can help you evaluate the innovation capabilities of the latest enhancement packages for SAP Business Suite. Watch this session to get an overview about the offering and how to make use of it. (SAP Learning Hub access necessary).



Support Innovations

How do you maximize the value of support offerings from SAP?

The range is broad, from SAP Enterprise Support services to our premium support engagements plan. We offer you tools, reports, programs, and methodologies to leverage the full potential of your software solutions. The SAP Solution Manager application management solution for example can help you manage your software environment effectively throughout the lifecycle of your applications. You are able to empower your IT staff via the SAP Enterprise Support Academy or identify room for improvement via the SAP Innovation & Optimization report for ERP.