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Introduction to Data Volume Management

Too much data being created and retained on the live database often causes rising IT costs, complex system management and decelerated system performance. You want to run your database as slim as possible by getting rid of waste and keeping the relevant data for your business processes.

SAP Data Volume Management describes a process and provides tools, such as the Data Volume Management Workcenter included in SAP Solution Manager, and services to ensure that all aspects in the life-cycle for managing and controlling data are covered.


Discover SAP Data Volume Management

Click on the link below to get an overview of the challenges created by a big volume of data. You will also learn what are the tools and services available to you to reduce and control data volume, significantly lowering your total operating costs.


Introduction to the SAP Value Map for Data Volume Management

In this 3 minute video, get a quick overview of the SAP Enterprise Support Value Map for Data Volume Management.


Get tailored advice from SAP Experts

Collaborate with SAP experts to get help on all stages of your data volume management journey, from discovery and analysis to execution and follow up. For this, click on the "Sign up" button below to join SAP Enterprise Support value maps* - an empowerment and support program which will guide you through the knowledge, skills, and services needed to address your business challenges.

Choose the Data Volume Management value map from the list on the tab “Explore Value Maps”. Request a call to interact with SAP experts to help you get started.

*It's necessary to have an S-User and to be registered to the SAP Learning Hub to access this content.

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