Finance Optimization during the COVID-19 Crisis

Finance Optimization during the COVID-19 Crisis

During this exceptional situation, you may be willing to take a special focus on your financial and liquidity information to mitigate potential financial exposure.

In this case, we would like to bring your attention to SAP Support services, which can help you optimize your business effectiveness.

What is it?

Some of the objectives fulfilled by this bundle are:

  • Gaining transparency regarding liquidity (e.g. key finance data)
  • Increases transparency on cost of business value drivers
  • Accelerate the period end closing process
  • Prevent potential financial losses by improving finance throughput and reducing backlog

Possible triggers:

  • SAP EarlyWatch Alerts key business figures chapter
  • Recent system performance peaks
  • Increased or upward trending in the number of critical incidents

Ways to fix

Leverage and use the services included in your SAP Enterprise Support agreement to improve the situation:

  1. Analyze SAP EarlyWatch Alert* with a focus on the key business figures chapter
  2. Learn* more about Business Operations Savings Focused Continuous Quality Check Business Process Improvement* aimed on costs reduction in finance, sourcing/procurement, sales, manufacturing and supply chain

Develop a long term strategy

Collaborate with SAP experts to improve your business processes. For this, simply click on the blue button below and select “Business Process Improvement” in the Available Value Maps section.

*It is necessary to have an S-User and to be registered to the SAP Learning Hub to access this content.