Through the Product Availability Matrix (PAM), we regularly publish information about SAP Contact Center releases: release types, maintenance durations, planned availability, and upgrade paths. The PAM also offers information about platform availability, including database platform and operating systems.


  • Feature Pack 16 is now available for public release! - see "What's New in SAP Contact Center"
  • Need to upgrade? 
    • It is highly recommended to check the "SAP Contact Center Upgrade Guide" as a starting point (must be logged on to the SAP Help Portal to access content). The most used sections in the guide refer to:
    • Upgrading from lower 7.0.* releases to the latest? (high-level overview), refer to KBA 2912515
    • Updated prerequisite versions:
      • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019, both 32-bit and 64-bit version is needed on every server
      • Microsoft .NET Framework, version 4.8 or later, full package needed on Reporting Database Server, Chat Portal Server and Integration Interfaces server, Migration Tool.
      • As per FP16, there is a new requirement to upgrade Python. Please refer to the following notes for more details:
  • End of Basic Authentication when connecting to IMAP (in Exchange Online). See SAP Note 2926469

Feature Packs and Hot Fixes



The "Blv tool" is a lightweight log reading tool specially designed to troubleshoot SAP Contact Center issues. This tool can also be used to read any other types of logs. See SAP Community Blog “Tips for using BLV (BCM Log Viewer)” for more details.

  • Before submitting an incident to SAP please check the following:
    • How to create the perfect SAP Contact Center Support Incident - KBA 2584398
    • Troubleshooting and log diagnostics Webinar - KBA 2405470

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