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  • Common Performance Problems in SNP - KBA 2539283
  • Finding Solutions faster in your SCM landscape- KBA 2572888
  • SCM Consulting Incidents - Important links and channels KBA 2515015

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"The Perfect Incident" - ever asked yourself what can be done on customer side to make incident processing more effective on SAP Product Support side? Please read the component specific KBAs which information we require to work efficiently.

How to create the perfect incident for

  • Supply Network Planning (SCM-APO-SNP / SCM-APO-OPT-SNP  & CTM / SCM-APO-SDM-CTM): KBA 2238377
  • Available-To_Promise (SCM-APO-ATP): KBA 2475074
  • Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (SCM-APO-PPS): KBA 2164726
  • Integration (SCM-APO-INT / SCM-BAS-INT): KBA 2227281
  • Sales Order Integration (SCM-APO-INT-SLS): KBA 2475741  
  • Service Parts Planning (SCM-APO-SPP): KBA 2299435
  • Supply Network Collaboration (SCM-ICH): KBA 2151502