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Top KBAs and/or SAP Notes :

  • TREX 710: Check of the TREX settings for the Enterprise/embedded Search scenario - SAP Note 2227741
  • TREX 710: supported platforms and OS software requirements and restrictions - SAP Note 2460148
  • RFC failure - Cannot register TREX/BIA Registered Server Program with Gateway - SAP Note 1757655
  • High Memory and Indexing problems in TREX - KBA 2540240
  • Search scope is not valid - SAP Fiori Search Configuration - KBA 2492982

Popular KBAs and/or SAP Notes :

  • The search result is not as expected - SAP Note 1587221
  • Indexing process is hanging in SAPLHTTP_RUNTIME - KBA 2340302
  • Error message: "Current system is a copy of another system" - KBA 2479611

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Python script check_esh.py that customer should execute to make sure that their TREX server is correctly configured for SAP Enterprise Search.
TREX  710: check of the TREX settings for the Enterprise/embedded Search scenario - SAP Note 2227741

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What's New in SAP NetWeaver 7.4 (Release Notes) - Information about what is new and what has changed since the last release

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