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This page is made for you - our SAP Signavio or RISE with SAP customer. We compiled the information you need to get started with your SAP Signavio initiative. The page is divided into three main sections available for each SAP Signavio solution:

  • Get Started
    Guides you through the steps needed to start with your SAP Signavio initiative. At the end of this chapter you got introduced to the solution capabilities and your basic environment should be up and running.
  • Enablement
    Helps you to find enablement content like the solution documentation and e-learnings. At the end of this chapter you are able to run the solutions by yourself and to apply it to your company's needs.
  • Support & Community
    Supports you how to get in touch with the SAP Signavio support team. After this chapter you know how to receive help for open questions and got introduced to the SAP Signavio Community, which is the perfect place to collaborate with other SAP Signavio experts and customers.

In case you are a RISE with SAP customer, please pay attention on the additional RISE information throughout our page, especially to our last section Rise with SAP. SAP Signavio customer can disregard the RISE information. 

Kick-start your SAP Signavio journey with our introduction video for SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and gain a first overview of the SAP Signavio offerings by looking at our product overview deck. 

Additional information on SAP Process Automation can be found on our SAP Process Automation website. 



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