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SAP Datasphere

Designed to help you and your colleagues establish a foundation for success with your SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) solutions. Every session includes experts to field questions live. Register for the language and time zone offering that best suit your schedule.

We know it's not always possible to make live sessions. Accordingly, you can explore recorded sessions available on demand. This includes onboarding webinars, deep-dive service specific sessions, foundational and technical blog series', and quick videos on common topics related getting started with SAP BTP solutions.

Live Webinar Schedule

Title & Registration LinkLanguageRegionCadenceLink
SAP Datasphere Onboarding WebinarEnglish One-TimeRegister Now

On-Demand Webinars

CategoryTopicRecording & Presentation
Onboarding & Overview SessionSAP Datasphere English
Onboarding & Overview SessionSAP Datasphere  BW BridgeEnglish
Engaging with SupportMaximize Your Awareness of SAP Support OfferingsEnglish
Scale your success in the cloud with SAP Enterprise Support value mapsEnglish

Request a 1:1 Follow-Up Session with an Onboarding Advisor

We know that the live and recorded sessions will give you a solid foundation to get started. We also acknowledge that there will invariably be some things that make your situation unique. Accordingly, you can reach out to our for a 1:1 follow-up session. 

We ask that you go through one of the overview sessions in advance so you and your team have the foundational knowledge to make the time we spend together as impactful as possible.

Additional Resources

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Request a 1:1 session with an Onboarding Advisor

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