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Business Transformation in the Cloud
Onboarding Webinars

Transforming your business with cloud technology calls for a paradigm shift in the way you work, think, plan, and execute.

Do you have 60 minutes to join us? We will share:
The meaning of true Business Transformation (not “just” a software implementation)
Key elements (behind technology) for a successful Business Transformation | Open Q&A

Audience: Executives, Change Managers, Project Sponsors and IT functional Leads and SMEs


Live Webinar Schedule

Business Transformation in the CloudAmericas/ Europe20th July 202310:00 AM (Mexico)EnglishRegister Now
APJ20th July 20231:00 PM (Singapore)EnglishRegister Now
Enabling your HR strategy with HXM TechnologyAmericas/ Europe17th Aug 20231:00 PM (Singapore)
EnglishRegister Now
APJ17th Aug 202310:00 AM (Mexico)
EnglishRegister Now
Key Tactical Programs to Enable your HXM Transformation Americas/ Europe15th June 20231:00 PM (Singapore)EnglishRegister Now
APJ15th June 202310:00 AM (Mexico)EnglishRegister Now

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