SAP Litmos
Onboarding Resource Center

The onboarding resource center is designed to lead you to a successful implementation. These technical and business resources will guide you at every stage of your implementation project from project kick-off to go-live. You will have access to knowledge base articles, best practices, service offerings, and on-demand training videos.



SAP-user (S-user) Authorization

Get your initial credentials and S-user authorization. Log into the systems which have been provisioned for you at contract start date to ensure a frictionless project start.

Many of the resources you need can only be accessed with your S-user ID. For new customers, SAP will create a S-user ID for the technical contact designated on your contract and assign that ID with Cloud Administrator permissions. Your company's Cloud Administrator can then create additional S-user IDs and assign the required authorizations.

Orientation Guide

Take a tour of everything you need to get started quickly with SAP Litmos.

Welcome to SAP Litmos

Learn why SAP Litmos is the choice among learning management and content systems for companies of all sizes. We’ll walk you through the product at a quick pace and a high level. (Dojo access is required.)

Project Readiness

Before you start your project, read the pro tips and expert guidance to ensure your platform is set up correctly the first time. 

Launch Guide

This guide will help you set up your new SAP Litmos platform. Think of this as a world map. It gives you a high-level overview of the set-up process. In each section, links take you to a technical explanation for the step you’re working on. Think of these links as your city map. They give you a detailed explanation of the action.

Project Plan

Get guidance on planning your project resources and timeline for launching your solution.

Guidance and Enablement

Your project team and administrators may access a curated collection of engaging videos to learn about SAP Litmos. Learn solution fundamentals; add content to your account; create users, teams, best practices. and your go-live plan. Select the learning path that fits your schedule.

Fast-Track Onboarding

If you're short on time and need the broad strokes to get up and running, this collection of courses will get it done.

Full Learning Path

Are you new to SAP Litmos and unsure where to start when it comes to setting everything up? This video series gives you tips from experts on how to set up your  SAP Litmos account and what steps you can't miss.

Project Progress

Train to be a master of all things SAP Litmos. Our core discipline skills are organized in learning paths: white belt, green belt, and black belt.

White Belt

These courses show you how to run an instance, manage your dashboards, and create a few courses with our content author. If you're registering to check out a sample of our training platform, this is a good place to start.

Green Belt

This course teaches admins and account owners how to build course content, use teams, build reports, and manage the account profile.

Black Belt

This course teaches account owners how to manage key account settings and features, along with how to integrate SAP Litmos to many third-party applications.

Go-Live Preparation

To assist with the rollout of your SAP Litmos learning management system, we’ve put together tables and examples of the types of messages you could use as part of your communications plan.

Now that SAP Litmos is live, it's time to transition to ongoing governance and adoption. Find our latest solution innovations and feature enhancements in the Dojo.