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SAP Datasphere Onboarding Webinar - View Recording of Latest SessionEnglishTBDTBDOne-Time

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Onboarding & Overview SessionSAP DatasphereEnglish; 日本語
Onboarding & Overview SessionSAP Datasphere BW BridgeEnglish
Engaging with SupportScale your success in the cloud with SAP Enterprise Support value mapsEnglish


1:1 Session

We know that the live and recorded sessions will give you a solid foundation to get started. We also acknowledge that there will invariably be some things that make your situation unique. 

Accordingly, you can reach out to our team via the engagement request forms for a 1:1 follow-up session. We ask that you go through one of the overview sessions in advance so you and your team have the foundational knowledge to make the time we spend together as impactful as possible.

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