SAP Remote Performance Optimization

Optimize your system performance and increase the throughput of your core business processes.

The SAP Remote Performance Optimization service tackles bottlenecks which impact your system performance, focusing on SQL statement optimization, customer program optimization, application optimization, or on the analysis of the SAP Netweaver basis.

This service is most applicable when a previous service such as SAP EarlyWatch Alert or SAP Solution Management Assessment has already analyzed your SAP solution and has identified and prioritized existing performance bottlenecks. SAP Remote Performance Optimization then focuses on eliminating the serious bottlenecks. In the end, you receive an action plan explaining the steps that you need to take to eliminate bottlenecks, thereby boosting system performance.

Value Proposition

Eliminating costly performance bottlenecks optimizes response times and throughput of your SAP solution. Additional benefits:

  • Increased productivity along with higher acceptance by end-users
  • Optimized use of hardware resources to make the most of your investment
  • Reduced risk of costly system downtime
  • Improvements gained by implementing the recommendations given in the final report

Deciding Factors

1. System performance is not satisfactory due to:

  • configuration problems with the SAP system, database or operating system
  • high DB load caused by expensive SQL statements.
  • performance problems within a core business process or within critical business transactions.
  • expected performance problems, for example, very high data volume to process within a core business process.
  • not optimal performance of SAP standard transactions such as pricing or variant configuration.
  • poor distribution of system load over time and hardware.

2. Customer programs cause at least 30% of the total system or database load.

3. Customer programs or modified SAP programs belong to the top ten objects in the transaction profile when sorted by total response time or total database time. They have a share of at least 10% of the total system load.

4. Performance bottlenecks have already been identified and prioritized in previous Safeguarding services such as SAP EarlyWatch Alert, SAP GoingLive Check or SAP Solution Management Assessment.

5. There is a lack of knowledge on the customer side on how to analyze and address the system performance issues listed above.


The SAP Remote Performance Optimization Service has a normal duration of one day and is delivered by experienced service engineers over a remote connection. Your productive operations will not be affected during the service delivery.

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