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Get Involved in our Usability Program

Taking part in a usability study is a great way for you to be directly involved in improving your experience when you need support for SAP products. They allow us to understand where you may have challenges using the SAP Support Portal or SAP for Me. 

To participate, email your name, your S-User ID, your country, your time zone (if your country has multiple time zones) and general availability to

We run usability studies remotely between you and an SAP Support researcher in an online meeting that is 30 minutes to one hour. You'll be asked to use certain features or areas of our website and share your screen with the researcher so they can see how you use the web site. They'll ask for your feedback, too. Typically, the meeting will be recorded for analysis. This helps the researcher so they don't need to scribble notes throughout the session. Your participation will help us better understand your needs on the web site.

No. Focus groups involve getting a number of people in a room to discuss and share their opinions. A usability study is a one-on-one online meeting with you and a researcher. Each participant has their own individual meeting time with the researcher.

We would love to work with any customer who is willing to participate, but unfortunately due to our team's location and time zones, we can only work with Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia, and the Far-East. We are not currently able to work with our customers in the Asian sub-continent, or the Middle East. 

If you would like to participate in a usability study, we require you to sign a Feedback Agreement (FBA). Among other things, the document states you will not share details discussed in the session, and that we have your permission to record the session.

Your face is never seen or recorded. We only record the phone conversation and your on-screen activity. These recordings help us analyze the results of the study in order to recommend improvements. Video is a great way to show the project teams how customers actually use the support website and the applications on the site. The recordings are never shared outside SAP.

That's impossible, because we're not testing you, we're testing the interface. There are no right and wrong answers. You also can't hurt the researcher's feelings with any comments you want to make. We encourage open, honest feedback.

Sometimes you may not fit the profile we are looking for (e.g. if we want to test with super administrators, and you aren't one). If ok with you, we'll keep you on the list and contact you for a future study.

We'll add you to our list of potential usability participants and email or call you as soon as we have a study that seems like a good fit for you.

You can definitely say that you participated in a usability study with SAP Support but you can't discuss any specifics of that study. All participants are required to sign a Feedback Agreement (FBA) before testing. The FBA states that you won't discuss the details of the study with anyone outside SAP. We appreciate your understanding.

No problem, just send an email to and ask to be removed from our list. Please put 'REMOVE' in the subject line.