Innovation & Value Realization

SAP Enterprise Support enables you to realize more business value and to accelerate the adoption of new innovations. This section highlights some of the tools and services provided by SAP Enterprise Support to help you manage your current investments and take advantage of new innovations.

SAP Innovation and Optimization Pathfinder on Spotlight

Discover how SAP can help you to optimize and innovate your existing SAP ERP system. Get tailor-made recommendations on areas of relevant SAP innovations, business process improvements and IT optimization potentials for your core SAP ERP system.

SAP Roadmap Explorer

The SAP Roadmap Explorer service for SAP products provides guidance on how to turn the adoption of innovations into tangible value for your business. This free, self-service tool simplifies your search for new functionality SAP has delivered as well as innovations planned for the near future.

SAP Solution Manager

Efficiently manage IT and smoothly introduce new functionalities for meeting business requirements with SAP Solution Manager.

Process Discovery for SAP S/4HANA Transformation

Through the Business Scenario Recommendations for SAP S/4HANA you receive guidance when starting your journey to SAP S/4HANA.

SAP Solution Manager Value Report

Discover the value of the different functional areas of SAP Solution Manager. Take a few minutes to share your selected information and you will receive the foundation for a SAP Solution Manager business case.

SAP Fiori Apps Recommendations Report

Discover which SAP Fiori Apps fit to the transaction usage of your company. It takes you just five minutes to share your company information and you will receive your personalized SAP Fiori Apps recommendations report within five business days.