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Accelerated Innovation Enablement (AIE)

SAP's latest Business Suite provides innovation without disruption through the SAP Enhancement Packages (EHP).  SAP Enhancement Packages represent a software delivery strategy that allows you to get innovations on top of SAP Business Suite without the need to upgrade your current release.  For releases of the SAP Business Suite core applications (SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP SCM, SAP SRM, SAP PLM), Solution Management, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba, SAP EnableNow, and SAP S/4HANA.

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Delivery Methods

Live Expert Sessions

AIE Live Expert Sessions provide a structured overview of concepts and new functionalities. We recommend that you start with a live expert session before using AIE Expert on Demand as usually after a session more details are known, several questions are already answered and new questions come up, which can be clarified afterwards.

Sharing AIE Live Expert Sessions with other customers (the number will be limited to very few) has the advantage that other participants might have additional questions and business aspects, which otherwise would not have been covered.

AIE Expert on Demand Request

AIE Expert on Demand requests are available in addition to AIE Live Expert Sessions. We recommend that you start with AIE Live Expert Sessions to build up your general knowledge on EHPs.

In case additional questions remain open, these questions can be addressed to SAP experts via AIE Expert-on-Demand requests.

In scope are:

Specific questions concerning the new functionalities on the latest EHPs Technical questions about EHP Architecture, EHP Installation

Methodology Delivery
The methodology for implementing new functionality within your SAP solution landscape has changed significantly. SAP Enhancement Packages allow you to decide which functionality and software innovations from SAP to implement using the SAP Switch Framework. The Accelerated Innovation Enablement service for SAP Enterprise Support is an essential element of SAP Enterprise Support. SAP provides up to five (5) remote person days (per calendar year) assistance and enablement per customer helping to evaluate the innovation capabilities of the latest SAP Enhancement Package.

AIE is delivered remotely. The service will include two types of service elements:

AIE Live Expert Sessions are available at two different levels:

  • Overview of a major area
  • Expert sessions

And available in two variants:

  • 1:1 session for a customer only
  • 1:n for few customers where you benefit from joint discussion

Decide between live expert session in mode 1:1 (one expert / one customer) or 1:n (one expert / multiple customers for peer discussion ) and use 0.25 service days per each Live Expert Session and 0.25 service day ( or more depending on effort) per each Expert on Demand.

Value Outcome

Accelerated Innovation Enablement provides access to SAP Solution Architects to evaluate the innovation capabilities of the latest SAP Enhancement Package and how it may be deployed for your business process requirements.

SAP's Accelerated Innovation .Enablement service is delivered remotely by SAP Solution Architects and is only available to SAP Enterprise Support customers

The information provided in the Accelerated Innovation Enablement service session will be documented in English by the SAP Solution Architect. The result should be used for further evaluation and implementation of SAP Enhancement Packages.

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How to request AIE service 
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