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Here you will find a selection of Customer Center of Expertise Webcasts that we would like to highlight to set the success of our customers and partners.

Virtual Customer Center of Expertise Event

Lifetime Journey for Continuous Success
Strengthen your Foundation and Infuse your DNA with the Latest Innovations!


The Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) model consists of five core functions (Customer COE Getting Started) which represent the foundation to efficiently and effectively operate, orchestrate and run your ERP infrastructure.

As a Customer COE, it is important to have a continuous dialog with the lines of business of your company. It is essential to drive communications and governance for all SAP related topics and establish, manage and nurture relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

These activities allow Customer COEs to act as a collaboration hub between Business and IT within their companies to best run both business and IT processes.

The role of a Customer COE requires you to continuously stay up-to-date and drive innovation adoption.

For that reason we have prepared for you a three-day virtual event to strengthen your foundation and help you define your innovation roadmap:  

  • Day 1: Strengthen your Customer COE Foundation and IT Infrastructure
  • Day 2: Define your Innovation Roadmap
  • Day 3: Path Towards the Intelligent Enterprise with the SAP Business Technology Platform
October 5th to 7th, 2021Register now
Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business Technology Platform – News from SAPPHIREJoin us on June 16 and get a deep dive of SAP Business Technology Platform news announcements from SAPPHIRE. Learn how SAP BTP is the foundation for the intelligent enterprise, giving your data purpose, maximizing the value of your SAP solutions, and rapidly building and enhancing applications, processes and experiences.June 16th, 2021Recording
What Every SAP User Should Know About RISE with SAPJoin this deep-dive webcast into SAP's newly announced “RISE with SAP” offering and find out how SAP is seeking to take customers' business critical assets to the cloud at each customer's very own pace. 
February 4th, 2021More Details
DevOps in a Nutshell

What is DevOps? And why is everyone talking about it?
This session gives some insights into the goals of DevOps, where it came from and why so many companies are pursuing it.

You will also learn how SAP itself uses DevOps in its new SAP Cloud ALM solution to enable high frequent deliveries.

October 8th, 2020More Details
DevOps in an ABAP-based environmentWorking in an DevOps mode is what many (development) teams aim for. With Git-enabled CTS (gCTS), you can start integrating your ABAP development in this working style. But how? gCTS provides options to transfer your ABAP objects to a Git repository from within your ABAP development tools. You can set up CI/CD processes using pipeline steps that you can get from project ‘Piper'.October 15th, 2020More Details
Efficient DevOps with SAP Cloud PlatformDevOps is a key enabler in achieving high-level agility in cloud projects. In this session, get an introduction to the DevOps story around SAP Cloud Platform – including an overview of the corresponding SAP portfolio of cloud services (both available + upcoming) that can help you to foster DevOps principles and to simplify adoption for cloud-native applications and hybrid scenarios. After the overview, we plan to dig into those services (with further details and demos) you rated as most relevant when signing up to this session.October 22nd, 2020More Details
Improve your business operations by enabling a SAP Conversational AI chatbotDiscover through this interactive workshop how to build an enterprise chatbot with the SAP Conversational AI platform to cover many business operation's needs, from customer's demands to improving your employee experience in a heartbeat.October 7th, 2020More Details
Apply Integration Advisor to Adapt Processes of the Intelligent Suite - WorkshopTry this Hands-On Learning Lab session! Discover the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor service, the intelligent content management system from SAP that helps customers quickly adapt and extend integration scenarios. Join this session to learn how you can quickly customize message and mapping definitions tailored to your business context with the help of embedded machine learning capabilities. Extend the source-to- pay process to cover custom integration requirements leveraging open APIs of SAP S/4HANA and B2B standards.September 24th, 2020More Details
Change Resistance Awareness - Workshop

Change is the new normal.

Understanding and overcoming resistance to change is the critical driver towards massively transforming innovation according to broad consensus in research.

Our mind is our most powerful asset in the world of data and disruption – we are what we think and we guide our success within the environment of new technologies and innovation by our mindset.

If you want to change you need to change your own mind first and only then you can help others change their mind.

Leading Others Through Change is THE most critical leadership responsibility.

You need to dedicate considerable effort in seeking everybody's commitment in a shared response to change, while also ensuring that nobody is be left behind.

Your active participation is of highest importance - your system will never change unless you also change.

August 25th, 2020More Details
SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace – Workshops for Customer Center of ExpertiseJoin this series of one webcast and 3 virtual hands-on workshops on SAP EarlyWatch Alert Workspace. After joining the webcast and the workshops, you will know how this cloud based application helps you gain an overview on our SAP system landscape health from any place and under all conditions. You will understand how this a data-driven collaboration platform between you and SAP helps to prevent business downtimes with predictive alerts on SAP HANA memory and limitations, as well as number ranges. Attendees will learn how to keep hackers out of their crown jewels by leveraging the security overview provided in the app. The series addresses also a preferred working model in the Customer Center of Expertise with SAP EarlyWatch Alert results. Instructions on who to request authorizations to use the app will be sent out in the registration confirmation email.July 14th, 2020More Details
How to Do a Self-Assessment of Purchased Licenses vs. the Actual Usage?

When was the last time you have performed a self-assessment of purchased licenses vs. the actual usage?


Join this Advisory Session to find out how to do a license check (on premise and in the Cloud) and why there are good reasons to do regular license checks.


The session will also cover the features & functions, as well as the roadmap, of the License Utilization Preparation Area (LUPA)  and License Utilization Information (LUI).

Joanna Majowicz will also provide insights on possible next steps, depending on the outcome of the check.  

May 5th, 2020

Recording (EN)

Recording (DE)


For a full list of Customer COE Webcasts, please click here.  


Global Customer COE & Support Info Day

Virtual Event on September 16th, 2020

Stay Ahead of The Pack
with the exclusive transformation insights from SAP and Customers

This event explores how the latest SAP technologies and services can accelerate your digital transformation and secure the continuous success of your business. Get special first-hand insights from SAP Experts and Customers and choose the best approach to stay ahead of the pack:

  • Listen to SAP strategy keynote including outlook 2021, initiatives & news
  • Learn about SAP S/4HANA Movement, how to build your case towards SAP S/4HANA and the new SAP Enterprise Support Guides Program
  • Stay on track in the SAP ALM Roadmap
  • Get familiar with SAP's Integration Strategy
  • Learn from customers about their experiences with SAP S/4HANA Upgrade (Döhler GmbH) and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager (Miele & Cie. KG)
  • See what's new in SAP Customer COE Program
Agenda and Recordings
SAP ALM Summit 

Virtual Edition from September 21st - 24th, 2020

Accelerate your journey to The Intelligent Enterprise

Join our Boutique SAP ALM Summit Canada (Virtual Edition) for 4 consecutive days with 2 hours morning sessions and 2 hours after lunch sessions each day.

On September 21st the event kicks-off with a Keynote and the focus on how to support SAP S/4HANA Implementation Initiatives (Day 1 / Day 2), covers the SAP Landscape Management & Operations topic (Day 3) and will give some more demos, tips and tricks as well as services specials (Day 4) on September 24th as last Day of the event.

In these 4 days, there will be many customers speaking and sharing their experiences and thoughts as well as lectures, deep dive sessions and meet the experts sessions covering SAP Solution Manager, SAP Focused Run and SAP Cloud ALM.

Agenda and Recordings