Customer COE(s) as Service Provider

SAP running IT departments often have to deal with the unspoken feeling on the customer side, they offer poor service at high cost. As a result they are at least indirectly, if not directly, in competition with external service providers. Reason is often an undefined service portfolio and cost model. When can a company really be satisfied with its own IT department? Advanced Customer COE(s) proactively addresses this question with transparency, efficiency and business acumen.

Advanced Customer COE(s) follow up with measurable goals through a regular exchange with their own business and achieve a tangible advantage over external service providers with the achievement and continuous improvement of all agreed services, and orchestration of external elements where needed.

Service Provider at a glance:

  • Cost transparency and control
  • Sophisticated responsibilities
  • End-to-end IT process definitions
  • IT process efficiency and quality control
  • Cross-process integration
  • Business connection and integration
  • Value-of-IT reporting