Knowledge Transfer and Learning Path

Basic supportability for seamless cooperation with SAP's Support Organization

As a functional collaboration hub, Customer COEs help increase transparency of business processes, minimize downtime to boost system and business process availability, and reduce total cost of ownership. This learning curriculum, that is set-up according to the fours basic Customer COE functions, provides relevant information to tackle these tasks and stay up-to-date regarding current developments.

Information Management


Information Management entails the acquisition, collection and management of all company and SAP-related information from several sources and the distribution of said information to the target group. With Information Management, you will benefit from networking and sharing knowledge.

Contract and License Management


Contract and License Management is focusing on customer´s internal contract and license management. The Customer COE ensures a smooth collaboration with SAP Global License Auditing Services and governs the license audit process of all SAP systems within the company, including preparation, execution, and reviewing of measurement results.

See also SAP Licensing and Process Guide and License Utilization Information Application.

Innovation and Influence SAP Development


Innovation and Influence SAP Development helps customers to take advantage of innovations when business requirements are not covered by the SAP standard. A Customer COE should know about customer´s processes, tools and services to avoid SAP source code modification and is informed about innovations of the SAP standard functional scope.

Support Operations


Support Operations covers the overall collaboration with SAP Support in Incident Management, usage of SAP Solution Manager, and SAP Service and Support offerings. Performing support tasks is simplified by user-centric applications that are accessed through one central entry point: the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.