Customer COE(s) as Business Innovation Enabler

Today a reliable SAP operation or the partial support of IT projects in time and budget is no longer a challenge. On the cost side, SAP running IT departments are questioned by business the same way as the use of any other general services and the escape into a general project view to obscure maintenance costs can be considered as obvious behaviour. If the provision of IT Services are then also provided in an in-transparent and inefficient manner, it is therefore fair that the business asks for the unique-selling-proposition of an internal SAP running IT department - and such asking for the right to exist ultimately.

Advanced Customer COE(s) do not limit themselves to the pure service provision. They prove their added value by giving the business a steady competitive advantage through leading technologies.  They benefit from their comprehensive business process knowledge, the strategic objectives of the business and the knowledge about the technically feasible. For an optimal assessment of the business potential they speak in business cases and allow a joint decision by IT and business - consciously and with transparency.

Business Enabler at a glance:

  • Bring together business visions and technical expertise (partners on eye level)
  • Identify new business scenarios
  • Scope realizability of business visions
  • Fast prototyping and constant evolution
  • Keep up-to-date with technological developments
  • Business case driven roadmap

Customer Story

Get Ready for Innovation with an Advanced Customer COE - A customers journey

Customer Interview with Shibu George from HP

- Shibu George, Senior Director, HP

- Dr. Wolfgang Schatz, Chief Support Architect SAP SE