SAP Universal ID, One Identity for Life!

Create your SAP Universal ID: Three Steps, Two Minutes, Done!

SAP Universal ID is a unified account across SAP sites that puts YOU in control by linking all your existing company associations (S/P-user IDs) and switching between them as needed.

The benefits of SAP Universal ID:

  • Take control: Own your personal SAP identity
  • Manage one account: Link all of your existing accounts in one universal account
  • Use it wherever you go: No matter where you work, your ID goes with you

Once your account is set up, you can access the SAP Universal ID Account Manager which is your single-entry point to view, update, and manage your personal information, account security settings, and associations to companies.

How to simply create your SAP Universal ID


SAP Universal ID supports over 500 SAP sites including, SAP for Me, SAP Community, ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, SAP Learning Hub or SAP Partner Portal.

The enablement of SAP Universal ID on SAP sites will happen in two phases:

Phase One - Conditional Integration: You may use your S/P-user IDs or your SAP Universal ID to log in.

  •  Status: Complete

Phase Two - Delivering Enhanced Integration: Accessing a site with enhanced integration is only possible with your SAP Universal ID login credentials. S/P-user IDs login is no longer supported.

As sites begin to support enhanced SAP Universal ID integration, users will be required to migrate their existing S/P-user IDs. All new S-users must be linked to an SAP Universal ID as the S-user provides the authorization entitlement under the control of SAP Universal ID. Linked P-users will ensure continuity and content migration.

With enhanced integration, switching between S/P-user IDs is a simple process, available from the Account Selector, with no need to log off and log in.

Built-in Support is the first application to provide enhanced integration, and will be the next site to be enabled.

  • Status: Targeted date to migrate all S/P-user IDs accounts by the end of 2022

Following our target migration date, at the beginning of 2023, there will be no stand-alone users, and all accounts will be SAP Universal ID accounts.

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