SAP Support Portal Feedback

To provide feedback about the SAP Support Portal page you are viewing:

  1. Click the blue Contact Us fly-out from the right side of the page you want to provide feedback for
  2. Click the Portal Feedback link
  3. Choose the category of your feedback in the What is your feedback related to? drop-down box
  4. Enter the subject for your feedback in the Subject text field
  5. Enter your feedback in the Feedback text field
  6. To submit the feedback, click the Send feedback button

Product Support

Please note that product support will not be provided through the feedback process.

If you are experiencing an issue with your SAP products, and you are unable to find a solution using the SAP Support Knowledge Search, you can start an Expert Chat, Schedule and Expert session or you can report an written incident with SAP Product Support.

The feedback will be sent to the SAP Support Portal team to be reviewed and actioned on. In most cases the feedback will not be directly responded to individually. Instead, recommendations will be applied based on the aggregated feedback.

Tip: If you do not want to submit feedback, simply close the window.

SAP ONE Support Launchpad

If you would like to provide feedback for the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, and/or the embedded applications, this is best provided using the Share Your Feedback button in the lower black footer of the Launchpad itself.

When the feedback tool is engaged a context sensitive help screen provides answers to the most commonly asked questions for that specific application. If the initial screen does not provide the answers to your issue click 'No' to continue to the feedback form.